Strategic Entry 2020: The Antidote to Trump May Need to Be Shoved Down The DNC’s Throat

We continue to see signals pointing to Bernie Sanders running again in 2020. However, he has also indicated he will do so under the Democratic party banner. As of now, I see no reason this decision changes.

I would personally prefer he run as an independent or by way of a new party. And if he runs as a Dem again, I personally hope that he will walk out of the primary and run as an independent in the event the party cheats again. I believe the Democratic party is a heaving dumpster fire of corruption, and has every intent to continue in its rigging ways.

And yet, I ask…no, implore you, to hold your nose, march into the Democratic primary, and vote for Bernie, regardless (or for another strong progressive if he’s not in), should he stay the course and run there in 2020.

“But WHY!?” you plead as you lift a chair and become assaulted in hugs from fellow progressives. After all, the Democrats still won’t confess their sins. They won’t admit they rigged the primaries, they continue to coddle establishment and large campaign contributors, they continue to follow Republicans to the right of most of the American public, they continue to rehire Clinton loyalists, they behave like an army of little blue “Cartman” characters — continually harassing, demeaning, and degrading voters, progressives, and their own base while simultaneously demanding we “respect their authoritah.” Their lawyers claim in court that they don’t have to run an impartial process and can pick a candidate in a smoky back room. They purge progressives from their committee ranks, they continue to rig races, and then, when we voice our concerns, they don’t bother trying to win back our votes. They instead mock and shame us as Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, Putin bots, and Nazi sympathizing bigots (and those are the nicer attacks). And all because we think that after 1,000 legislative losses, they should look in the mirror, confess their sins, and begin trying to actually appeal to people for a change, instead of trying to bully them for votes in an incoherent blaze of empty identity politics outrage and “we’re not quite as awful as Republicans!” To this day, Democrats continue to lie and gaslight the masses into a new Cold War and increasing manufactured consent to “protect us” from speech from other countries, lest it “meddle” in another election in a way that hurts the status quo.

Yes, that is all true, and more. Democrats are more interested in chasing money than your vote. And yet, some corporate Democrats are now expressing support for opening the primaries to independents and eliminating superdelegates. Most curiously, they have not been attacked for this view the way certain others have been for, say, exposing a primary candidate had purchased control of the party months before a single vote had been cast in said primary.

Assuming open primaries are implemented, ask yourself: why do they feel this is safe for their power?

Simple. The Democrats are not only far insulated from reality, but they’re also engaging in psychological warfare. They would like nothing more than for you to be so disgusted and disillusioned with their party that you won’t even bother with their open primary, because “it’s pointless.”

It isn’t the first time this technique has aided them — remember when the mainstream media dubiously declared Hillary Clinton had clinched the nomination the weekend before the pivotal California primary?

If the DNC does wipe out superdelegates, and choose to open the primaries in spite of their other deceits against the working class and progressives, it would lend further credence to their campaign of mental chicanery. They no doubt will continue to block, purge, and silence progressives — all the while pointing to these changes as evidence we’re all being unreasonable. Then, when the masses refuse to bother with a primary they believe will be rigged, the establishment will have an easier time when they do rig it. Worse, they will have successfully manufactured consent for another corporate Democrat. “See? America doesn’t want your ponies! STFU, Bernie Bros! You have nowhere else to go!”

Please DO NOT fall for this! This is precisely why we SHOULD vote in the Democratic primary if Bernie runs there. Not because we support the Democratic party establishment, but in spite of it and its arrogant, rigging ways. Not as fooled sheep, but as soldiers riding within a Trojan Horse.

Note that this is NOT a call to join the Democratic party per se, nor for “unity” and “consensus around nothing.” We need a new party, at a minimum, to organize independents in challenging corporate Democrats when and where they cheat progressives running “behind enemy lines.”

However, we must also be willing, on the whole, to look past the letter a progressive might happen to wear. It may well be a more pragmatic course to run, at least initially, under the scarlet letter and primary of the Democratic party. But at the end of the day, it is a simple letter behind someone’s name; it can be changed or eschewed once in power. What matters is that they are willing to stand for the issues progressives — and most of the American public — represent.

To that end, should Bernie run in the Democratic primary in 2020, it will be up to all of us — active DemInvader, DemExiter, and all the rest — to fight against the trauma from the pain of what the DNC did us and to America in 2016. Let us all channel that pain and emotion into a positive tidal force, and shove through, in whatever way possible, the antidote to Trump’s fake, right-wing authoritarian populism — genuine, unbought left-wing populism. Such a united front can, in fact, overwhelm party and machine rigging, to where only the most dire, overt, and grotesque rigging can impact it. And at that point, the rigging would need to be so blatant, so outrageous, it would not only make 2016 look kind, but might even compel Joe Schmo and your neighbor’s cat to take to the streets demanding Bernie save the country by going independent.

In 2016, the DNC forced Hillary Clinton down America’s throat, and left us with Donald Trump when we were too disgusted to stomach the status quo. While I would prefer a more independent course, it would be poetic justice that 2020 be the year when we and all of America exact revenge — by shoving Bernie Sanders down the DNC’s throat, propelling him over Trump’s orange head and into the White House, where he should have been in 2016.

#BernieWouldHaveWon. And come 2020, he will — come hell, high water, or the dirty DNC.